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Arthur Tang – Consultant

Arthur Tang, Specialist in Digital Forensics, leads the technological investigation activities for Verity. As most companies store documents in digital form using various mass storage devices, retrieval of digital evidence became more critical than ever. With Arthur's professional expertise in retrieving and analyzing digital evidence, valuable information are collected and adhere to proper legal procedures. The many digital and computer forensics cases he manages include fraudulent, internal theft, bribery, matrimonial, and internal employee checks.

Prior to Verity, Arthur served as an Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida and The University of Hong Kong. He is a Certified Computer Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI) by International Information and Communication Technology Council (International ICT Council), and he holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Michigan State University.

Arthur Tang - Consultant of Verity
My previous experience in the academia was to find out reasons of scientific phenomena from empirical data. I think fact finding in the digital forensics investigation profession has great similarities with scientific research where they are both about discovering and verifying facts to prove a hypothesis, and I find both to be exciting careers. It is also gratifying and exciting to unveil the truth, to make claims, and to dispel speculations based on evidence and data.

My experience with internal fraud

"One of the difficulties of investigation in white collar crimes is that they are often committed in privacy with no eye-witness. In some cases, they could lead to unrecoverable losses to the company in terms of monetary value, corporate image, intellectual properties, and customers' information. To identify white collar crimes in their early stage is critical in risk management to manage negative outcome.

In a recent internal fraud case, a manager wanted to discover if an employee carried out any activity to harm the company. We were able to…" Read more

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