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An Exciting Field of Investigation at Verity

An Exciting Field of Investigation

The investigation field covers a wide range of service sectors, from legal, insurance claim, to digital forensic and fraud investigations. Working in the field of investigation is both exciting and rewarding due to its nature that allows plenty of problem solving and team work in an interactive environment. The biggest reward is the ability to help serve the society in a very exclusive and ever changing way.

We Value Our People

Our success is the result of the commitment and dedication of our employees. We offer a work environment that allows individuals to learn and grow in order to reach their full potential. We do this by providing:

Professional Growth
We provide continuous training and development to support our employees’ growth. Various training topics are conducted throughout the year internally with experienced management team, as well as external professionals and experts. We believe as our employee advances, our company advances together as a whole.
Dynamic Environment
We encourage employees to be creative and initiate ideas to support each other while working closely with a group of highly talented people to come up with best practices and solutions. We do not believe in limiting employees’ potential and offer opportunity for them to learn different job functions when they show interest.
Challenging Work, Rewarding Experience
Each investigation case is like solving a puzzle; it requires logical thinking and responsiveness. With each piece of evidence collected, we are closer to completing the puzzle, uncovering the truth, and contributing positively to the society.