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Computer Forensics – Internal Fraud

Case Overview

In a suspected internal fraud case, manager of a company engaged Verity to investigate if an employee carried out any activity to harm the company.

Our Findings

With Client's assistance, our response team successfully acquired related data from the suspect's computer. Holistic analyses were performed to the acquired data, including user behavior analysis, communication trace, browser history, file content analysis, and deleted data recovery. In the system's deleted files, we recovered the template used to make counterfeit invoices under the company's name. We also retrieved communications related to the internal fraud case. According to the information recovered in the computer forensic analyses, surveillance was then conducted to the suspect. The suspect was caught on video as counterfeit invoices were made with the company chop in front of a client.

The Result

The evidence retrieved in the computer forensic analyses and the video were submitted to the police. A criminal charge was pressed on the suspect, and our findings were presented as key evidence in criminal court.

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