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Matrimonial Investigation

Case Overview

A concerned wife was seeking for Verity's assistance, as her husband was cheating on her and needed solid proof. In addition, her husband was fighting to gain the children custodian rights by accusing the client for mistreating the children. During the consultation, the client determined that surveillance would be the best action plan with our professional help.

Our Findings

Under close surveillance, our investigator was able to obtain some video documentation as adultery evidence. Further observation on her husband was also proven to court that he was indeed the one ignoring and mistreating the children. Moreover, additional footage showed the client having quality time and happy moments with her children, which effectively defend the husband's allegation that she mistreat the children or the idea that the children doesn't like her.

The Result

With full evidence, our client applied for divorce. The documentation was also used to help her win the lawsuit.

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