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Case Studies

Verity meets the needs of different businesses and industries from multinational financial institutions to insurance corporations to individuals seeking assistance to protect their interests. Learn about the positive impact our comprehensive investigation services have brought to our clients in mitigating risks, minimizing losses, and making smart business choices.

Here are some investigation case studies that showcase some of the successful cases we have achieved in the past:

Due Diligence
A private equity client was engaged with Verity for their merger/acquisition project in China to verify information about the target company... read more
Pre-Employment Screening
Verity was asked to investigate a candidate, who claimed to be an MBA graduate of a renowned China university, for a critical job position... read more
Insurance Claims & Fraud
An insurance company engaged Verity to discover the degree of damage on a target, who claimed insurance for a neck injury... read more
Research documents Searching email data Insurance claim form
Computer Forensics
In a suspected internal fraud case, a company engaged Verity to investigate if an employee carried out any activity to harm the company... read more
Matrimonial Investigation
A concerned wife approached Verity as her husband was cheating on her, and she needed proof and help to gain children custodian more
Background & Asset Search
A client was involved in a liquidation case as a creditor, and the company directors claimed they don't have sufficient assets to settle the case more
Observation on people Family shadow on grass Person performing research and checks