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Commercial Investigations

Video recordingCommercial investigation is crucial to gain in-depth knowledge about your business partners to achieve trustful relationship. Verity possesses an extensive global affiliate network with a strong focus in Hong Kong and Greater China to enable fast connections for individuals and companies concerned. Together with our highly specialized tracing and surveillance methods, we offer effective and efficient cross-border commercial investigations to protect our clients' interests.

Due Diligence

Due diligence became a standard process across various businesses to mitigate risks prior to establishing new business cooperation. Our due diligence services cover investigation on financial assets and status of the companies and individuals concerned, as well as other assets including supply chain, distribution network, technology licenses, patents, and intellectual property right ownerships. In addition, we examine organizations' backgrounds in terms of business integrity including management style, reputation issues, and regulatory reprimands. Our investigation specialists also examine the identities of past and prospective business partners' association with other joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions to ensure all relevant integrity related concerns are cleared. Download PDF to learn more >

Fraud, Abuse, and Mismanagement

We assist organizations in conducting investigations on existing business partners and management personnel in question. We check on suspicious dishonest behaviors such as embezzlement, kickbacks and corruption, mismanagement including misuse and misappropriation of assets, as well as financial crises including insolvency and bankruptcy. Our investigations also encompass frauds arising from vendors, licensees, agents, and parties involved in procurement. To provide clients with value-added service, we offer customized training on techniques and system operations for fraud prevention and management.

Intellectual Property

We have great respect for intellectual property rights and are committed in providing a range of intelligence and investigation services to organizations that suffer from counterfeiting operations. Our team assists by conducting market surveys and internet monitoring to trace the origins of the counterfeit merchandise suppliers and to assess the scale of production. To suppress counterfeiting of specific client brands, we gather important evidence on the activities and collaborate with law enforcement authorities to carry out extensive market sweeps. Additionally, we closely monitor the emergence of counterfeit goods at commercial occasions such as trade fairs and lodge complaints to relevant government bodies and trade organizations. Download PDF to learn more >

Business Intelligence

In today's fast paced and competitive business world, it is crucial to track your competitors, study the market and industry intelligence to help put your company ahead of the rest. Our business intelligence service and investigation provides our clients with critical information and facts required to make sound business decisions, which in turn help minimize potential threats, capitalize upon opportunities, and protect our clients' vital assets. Download PDF to learn more >

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