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Digital & Computer Forensics Investigations

Digital informationWith our analytical techniques and experience in e-discovery, Verity provides solid support in digital forensics litigation and incident investigation. We specialize in conducting digital forensics investigations for internal theft, fraudulent documents, intellectual property, litigation hold, as well as other civil and criminal investigations. Our incident response team is highly professional with extensive knowledge in collecting and preserving digital evidence of various types of events.
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Evidence Acquisition, Preservation, and Handling

The complexities of evidence handling for fragile, volatile, and intangible electronically stored information (ESI) require expert procedures. Legal cases around the world demonstrated that improper handling of digital evidence can affect the admissibility of the evidence to court and also lead to massive cost to any company. With our experience, expertise, and equipments, we can ensure legally sounded evidence acquisition and handling for litigation uses.

Computer Data Analysis

Our investigations incorporate multiple perspectives in evidence analysis, including numerical analysis, content analysis, time-frame analysis, and meta-data analysis. This multi-dimensional approach provides a holistic examination of the evidence to reconstruct facts and information related to the case.

Evidence Recovery

In some cases, digital evidence is deliberately hided, encrypted or destroyed. The destroyed data often contains the most valuable information of the case. By using advanced digital forensic techniques, our specialists can quickly locate and extract hidden or deleted evidence.

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