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Human Resources & Employment Screening Investigations

Filling out formsHuman resources professionals are important gate keepers in identifying talents and minimizing employment risks to ensure the smooth running of businesses. Verity is dedicated to assist human resources professionals in gathering essential intelligence about current and prospective employees in a number of aspects to mitigate risks. Our expertise has allowed us to successfully tackled business misconducts and prevent potential threats for various Hong Kong and global corporations.

Pre-Employment Screening and Background Check

Hiring the wrong employee can bring unnecessary problems to a company. For that reason, we have tailor-made a set of pre-employment screening measures to help human resources professionals identify the right candidates. We offer CV verification, trace history on unethical business activities, and integrity and background checks. Download PDF to learn more >

Employee Integrity and Background Check

Investigation on doubtful employees may facilitate human resources professionals to handle risks well in a timely manner. Our tracing and surveillance capabilities can check the background and critical integrity-related behaviors of the employees concerned, review validity of anonymous complaints, verify undeclared assets, side businesses, and more.

Employee Compensation and Claims

Deceitful claims from employees may incur additional costs to businesses such as increased insurance premium loadings and unnecessary salary compensation. We provide investigation on doubtful employees' claims in various areas including work injuries, sick leave, expenses, and other employment liabilities.
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Internal Fraud

Identifying internal fraud at an early stage can prevent significant financial loss and disastrous damage to company reputation. We are highly experienced in a wide range of internal fraud investigations including kickbacks, corruptions, information leakage, false documentation, and misappropriation of company assets. Our expertise in computer forensics can also assist to search, retrieve, and analyze information from hidden, deleted, and encrypted files. We can also conduct thorough review on employees' internet usage history to trace the origin, status, and scope of the fraud cases concerned. Click here to learn more about our fraud investigation in Hong Kong and China.

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