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Individual Investigations

Subway stationWhile Verity appreciates the financial impact commercial investigations bring to the business world, we also recognize on certain occasions our investigation expertise can help individuals uncover truths that greatly affect their personal life.

Activity Tracing

Our investigation experts offer clients observation on individuals' activities such as places they go, people they meet, and conversations they have with anyone. Apart from local surveillance, we are able to manage effective overseas activity tracing with our worldwide affiliates to ensure the individuals concerned are closely monitored anytime, anywhere.

Locating Individuals

Our extensive global network facilitates efficient and effective people search. Once we have collected sufficient information and characteristics about the individuals concerned and have determined the need for an overseas search, we will then collaborate with our worldwide affiliates to carry out intensive investigations, aiming at a prompt identification of the individuals.

Matrimonial Investigation

Our superior tracing surveillance techniques reveal deceitful relationships and collect evidence to substantiate matrimonial lawsuits. With respect to decisions made on divorce, we assist clients to investigate the financial assets of the other party. When children are concerned, we help clients plead for custodian rights by identifying the other party's ability and suitability to keep the children in safe custody.
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Children Care

In addition to gaining children custodian rights for our clients, we also care for the children's environment, such as the type of friends they have, possibility of being in touch with illegal drugs, or any other misbehavior. By observing their activities, parents can ensure their children are growing in a safe environment.

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