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Insurance Claims and Fraud Investigations

Personal injury - doctor examining armMany insurance companies have engaged and trust Verity in examining suspicious insurance claims to minimize financial loss. We assist insurers to authenticate the integrity of various types of insurance claims investigation cases such as death, personal injury, and hospitalization. Our leading market position in Hong Kong's insurance investigations signifies high success rate and top quality evidence collection. Download PDF to learn more >

Condition Assessment

We help to assess the conditions of insurance claims in different aspects. For instance, in personal injury cases, we investigate claimants' physical conditions against medical statements to determine the extent of the injury. For death claims, we examine the accuracy of the cause of death reported and authenticate related documents. Hospitalization claims requires us to investigate all the relevant medical records to verify the accuracy of medical expenses claimed.

Historical Record Search

Certain claims authentications are necessary to draw reference to the claimants' historical background and behaviors. We assist by inspecting the claimants' previous insurance claims, employment history, as well as to observe the claimants' pre- and post-injury demeanor and lifestyle. For death cases, we investigate the deceased's health records to identify possibility of substance abuse. We also study the occupational details of the deceased to reveal potential non-disclosed information or data misrepresentation.

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