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Jacky Ng – Operations Director

Jacky Ng is one of the founding members of Verity. A surveillance specialist with more than 19 years of investigation experience, he is Verity's Operations Director responsible for the management of covert surveillance cases. Under his supervision, a team of more than 20 investigators routinely conducts surveillance operations in respect of insurance, commercial and matrimonial matters, as well as other complex business investigations.

Prior to Verity, Jacky gained vast experience in the investigative field while he served at Kroll Fact Finders Ltd., where he acquired practical expertise and techniques in conducting field investigation. With sound knowledge of technical equipments, experience in video recording and editing, and and advanced investigation methodologies, his abilities have proven valuable to a various investigation projects.

Jacky Ng - Operations Director of Verity
While most people think their work is repetitive and routine, I find my job to be constantly challenging. One of the duties as a case manager is to generate feasible proposals for clients, which gives me the opportunity to acquire knowledge in various fields, thanks to the diverse backgrounds of every case. I find this role to be satisfying, especially when we successfully unmask alert subjects. This is also the reason and motivation that drives me to work in this industry for over 15 years. Fraud is prevalent in our society. While police can combat crime, Verity can facilitate our society by preventing fraudulent cases.

My experience with insurance claim

"Insurance companies pay out millions of dollars in insurance claims each year with many being undetected frauds. I believe with thorough investigation of suspected fraudulent or exaggerated insurance claims put in place, we can greatly reduce high cost for insurance companies.

For example, I was involved in a case which an insurance company had suspicion on an exaggerated report of neck injury. We were to discover the degree of damage on the person, and to my surprises…" Read more

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