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Legal Investigations

Court imageVerity understands that every judgment requires quality substantiation. As a result, we equipped our team with extensive worldwide network coverage and the latest investigative technologies to collect high quality evidence to help local Hong Kong and international legal firms make strong and successful cases.

Litigation Support

Strong cases demand compilation of high quality, concise, and adequately thorough evidence. We are fully aware the essence of the requirements and are capable of delivering powerful research data, intelligence, and supporting documentation in versatile formats.

Locating Witness

While both material evidence and witnesses are crucial in making a strong case, our global affiliate network ensures that witnesses are correctly located in a timely manner. Download PDF to learn more >

Process Serving

We possess extensive experience in process serving. Our team members are familiar with the legislation surrounding the service of process, which enables safe and efficient delivery of legal documents at all times. Download PDF to learn more >

Background Check

We are highly skilled in tracing individuals and corporations' backgrounds to provide important historical facts and figures which are substantially covered in case evidence. Download PDF to learn more >

Matrimonial Investigation

Matrimonial related lawsuits require important evidence including the past and present relational and financial situations of the individuals concerned. Our superior tracing and surveillance techniques can uncover true statements about complex relationships to support the cases. Download PDF to learn more >


Fraud cases often involve complicated interrelationships among individuals and corporations across different jurisdictions. Our global affiliate network and professional investigators can facilitate legal firms discover the complexities of the relationships, trace the parties concerned, identify appropriate witnesses, and gather financial evidence from around the world.

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