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All of our investigators are well experienced in conducting surveillance and other investigative activities in Hong Kong and Greater China. With high flexibility and ethical levels, they always succeed in uncovering the truth. In addition, they are equipped with advanced equipments which have proven to be critical in collecting solid evidence. As long-time surveillance is inevitable, our investigators are also diligent and highly adaptable in responding to sudden changes.

Report Writers

All of our report writers hold a bachelor degree in the translation and language department with extensive experience in providing language services. They possess strong summarization and immaculate language skills, which enable them to compile precise and presentable reports with sound evidence collected by our researchers and investigators.


Our researchers are responsible for conducting in-depth researches to serve as evidence. They demonstrate strong ability to analyze and process an abundance of complex data, while maintaining a clear mind and are analytical at all time. They are also highly experienced in the investigation field which enables efficient and effective service for our clients.

Support Team

Our support team provides smooth operations across all business units in Hong Kong and Greater China, which is of great importance to the company. The IT team maintains a video and photo archive, assist in video-editing and photo processing, which improves the quality of evidence. The support team also helps the investigation team to explore and evaluate cutting edge technologies for investigation activities. Our vehicle and motorcycle team provides solid support for our surveillance operations under extreme and unforeseeable conditions.

Before I joined Verity as a Report Writer, I thought this role would be ordinary and routine. However, I realized this role provides continuous learning and growth. It also provides a meaningful experience as the job nature demonstrates the concept of justice. I am required to think in a well-rounded manner in order to compile a report which accurately unveils the truth without any bias. I learned that we cannot solely trust one-side of the evidence; rather we should integrate all information gathered during the investigation to seek the truth.

My experience with due diligence

"Other than paying attention to details at work, we are also vowed to make use of our well-rounded skills in helping our clients. In one of the due diligence cases, our client wanted to verify information about a target company in China before executing their merger/acquisition project…" Read more

Meet our people

An investigation professional must possess first-class credentials to be part of the Verity team. To learn more, click on a photo below.

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