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"Verity" represents "truth". Truth forms the eternal verities of all Nature.

At Verity Consulting Limited, we believe in truth and integrity. Quality integrity checks done at an early stage can facilitate decision makers in detecting threats of unethical behaviors to prevent potential risks. Verity was founded with this belief.

Our talented team of investigators and dedicated consultants are from diverse industry backgrounds with extensive experience in corporate investigation. Various key decision makers trust us with important intelligence and investigation tasks, which allowed us to achieve more than 5,000 successful cases over the years. It is with our valuable clients' trust that enabled Verity to quickly become a leading independent investigation consultancy in Hong Kong.


Contribute to improving integrity by upholding in corporations and societies in Hong Kong and Greater China.


Serve decision makers in corporations and societies as their long-term intelligence partners, providing true statements that facilitate substantiated decision making, risk mitigation and management, as well as quality strategy planning.


• Sustain integrity and fairness
• Dedicate to excel with ethics and professionalism
• Encompass neutrality and objectivity

Acquisition International
M&A Awards 2015

Corporate Investigation Consultancy of the Year - Hong Kong
Verity has been awarded ‘Best Corporate Intelligence and Investigation Services – Hong Kong’ and ‘Best in Fraud Prevention – Hong Kong’ in M&A awards by UK’s Acquisition International Magazine, highlighting the expertise and capability Verity offers to the business world.

Innovative Entrepreneur Award

Innovative Entrepreneur Award
Verity has been awarded the 19th Innovative Entrepreneur Award by JCI
City association, recognizing our achievements and aspirations as an innovative entrepreneur and our contributions to the local economy.

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