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“Verity” represents “truth”.
Truth forms the eternal verities of all Nature.

We work with the highest level of standards and professionalism in uncovering truths to assist organizations and
individuals in mitigating risks caused by unethical behaviors.

Insurance Claim Investigations

We authenticate the integrity of various types of insurance claims and to minimize financial loss.

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Pre-Employment Screening (PES) & Fraud Investigations

We help identify unethical actions of candidates and employees to uphold the integrity of your company.

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Litigation Support Services

We offer a high standard of support services for law firms to build stronger cases.

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Matrimonial Investigations

We gather evidence on adultery, locating hidden assets and others to support legal cases.

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Outstanding Services, Client-Focused Solutions

Verity offers a wide range of solutions to help companies and individuals to unveil the truth, discreetly and efficiently.

At Verity, we continuously strive to lead in the investigation industry, empower social impact and employee growth.

Powering Intelligences Across Industries

Hundreds of organizations count on Verity to deliver industry-leading results to make informed decisions.

Trusted & Established Company

We are known as best-in-class in the industry.

We Don’t Speculate, We Investigate

Remove uncertainty through professional investigation.

Efficient, Reliable & Discreet Services

All investigations are conducted lawfully and confidentially.

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Learn how Verity can help you get the evidence.

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