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Human Resources Specialist

Successful companies know their employees are the most valuable intangible asset, hence they provide satisfying compensation, benefits and positive work environments to retain good workers. In spite of the good intentions, individuals may abuse their rights with deceitful workplace injuries, abuse of sick leave, provide false credentials or conduct fraud for personal gains.

At Verity, our professional investigation team is committed to advise HR professionals in identifying unethical actions of employees and minimize financial and reputation loss.

“My HR team has been stretched thin with all the usual obligations. While we can do basic pre-employment checks on our own but with Verity’s help, it really frees up my team to focus on other critical business needs while still maintaining a thorough pre-employment screening standard. But most importantly, Verity’s comprehensive measures have significantly improved our hiring quality and outcomes. We are so fortunate to find a partner like Verity!”  

Human Resources Department, from one of the largest commercial bank company in Hong Kong

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