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Insurance Claim Specialist

Insurance is meant to help individuals recover financially from unexpected events and provide support during difficult times. However, the rise of fraudulent claims, where claimants try to take advantage of the system for personal gains, cost insurance companies billions of dollars annually, drain up resources and increase premiums for honest customers. 

At Verity, our experienced team helps confirm or negate the validity of any suspicious claims through our secure, efficient, and effective investigations and research processes. Our goal is to support and equip insurance claim specialists with solid evidence, actionable insights to solve their cases and minimize financial losses.

“The plaintiff of this claim suffered from serious injuries in a traffic accident and took out a High Court Action demanding over $3 million in damages. To rebut the claimant’s injuries recovery allegation, Verity has helped us obtain video evidence that he had already resumed driving and therefore our legal team was able to argue for a reasonable settlement at $0.9 million. We like to express our sincere gratitude for your painstaking effort for a job well done.”   

General Manager
Claims Department, from one of the largest insurance company in China


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