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Intellectual Property Investigations & Market Intelligences

Intellectual Property Investigations

Intellectual Property (IP) rights are valuable assets to businesses. Whether it is a company identity or brand, an invention or a product, a word or tagline, well-protected IP assets can give a company competitive advantage over other market players. In addition, they provide important revenue streams, or can be used as security for loans. At Verity, we provide a range of services to help protect businesses’ IP rights and boost market competitiveness.

Our IP Investigations include:

  • Trace the origins of the counterfeit merchandise suppliers and to assess the scale of production
  • Gather important evidence on the activities and collaborate with law enforcement authorities to carry out extensive market sweeps
  • Closely monitor the emergence of counterfeit goods at commercial occasions such as trade fairs and lodge complaints to relevant government bodies and trade organizations
  • We mean business when it comes to protecting yours

Market Intelligences

Today’s fast paced and competitive business environment makes it crucial for businesses to identify and track competitors, study the market and industry intelligence to stay ahead of the rest. At Verity, our business intelligence and investigation services provide the critical insights and facts required to make sound business decisions, which in turn help minimize potential threats, capitalize upon opportunities, and protect our clients’ vital assets.

E-Commerce Investigations

Counterfeit or pirated goods are a severe problem for many brand owners and businesses globally. Advanced technology, internet and mobile usage enable the sale of counterfeit goods to accelerate at an alarming rate through online marketplace in various channels. At Verity, we provide full support to brand owners to stop the sale of counterfeit products, minimize company’s loss, and prevent potential damage to the brand’s image. 


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