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Digital Forensics Investigations

Digital Evidence Acquisition

Acquiring digital evidence requires a different kind of skill set than those gathering physical evidence. Our highly skilled investigation team incorporates multiple perspectives in analyzing evidence; from meta-data, content, time-frame to numerical. Our approach provides a holistic cross examination process to reconstruct facts and information whether they were hidden, encrypted or destroyed.

Data Analysis & Evidence Recovery

The complexities of evidence handling for fragile, volatile, and intangible electronically stored information (ESI) require expert procedures. Improper handling of digital evidence can affect the admissibility of the evidence to court and lead to massive cost to any company. With our experience, expertise, and equipment, we can ensure legally sound evidence acquisition and handling for litigation uses.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Modern surveillance technologies can be highly discreet and very difficult to locate. Even the smallest device can pack a considerable amount of capabilities. Verity’s TSCM services offer electronic surveillance sweep (a.k.a “bug” sweep) and analysis of any offices, homes, vehicles or other locations. Our goal is to protect privacy and prevent loss of valuable information for corporations and individuals.

If you are suspected of being watched and or listened to, we recommend contacting us via a public phone or alternate phone externally from your place of business or home.


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