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Locate & Process Serving

Locate Witness

Accurate witnesses play a critical role in any legal case as they can provide event details to complement evidence gathered to make or break a case. Moreover, placing witnesses with favorable information can ensure a higher chance of success. Our service is professional with high accuracy in locating, finding, and determining the most suitable witnesses to present testimony for your client. We have the capability to locate the most qualified expert witnesses to provide independent specialized opinion in resolving the legal conflict in your favor.

Our locate witness services include:

  • Comprehensive research, including internet and media search, to obtain more information of the background, whereabouts, and contact details of the witness
  • Conduct site visits to and surveillance at the individual’s residential and workplace or any possible places where the individual can be located
  • Locate witnesses discreetly, ethically and quickly 
  • Investigate locally and internationally through our extensive network of global affiliates

Process Serving

If an individual is being evasive when being served, our Process Serving services can assist you or your firm to locate and deliver legal documents, safely and efficiently. At Verity, we ensure your client’s legal proceedings are conducted on schedule and due process of law is upheld.

Our process serving services include:

  • Serve documents in a timely and correct manner in accordance with the process serving regulations
  • Deliver concrete evidences to prove legal documents have been successfully served 
  • Provide professional investigation services by skilled in-house expertises 
  • Supply affidavit of service based on request


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