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Matrimonial & Family Matters Investigations


Matrimonial related lawsuits require indisputable evidence including the past and present relational and financial situations of the individuals concerned. With the intention to support law firms and their clients in building strong and successful cases to gain fair divorce settlements, our matrimonial investigation focuses on three main areas: Infidelity and Adultery, Family Matters Investigation, and Asset Search and Investigation.

Infidelity and Adultery

Unfaithfulness in a marriage is one of the most convincing grounds for a divorce. However, verifying adultery can be difficult. Our surveillance and computer forensic experts help law firms carefully collect essential evidence, such as photos, videos, and digital data without detection by using advanced tools and techniques. If infidelity and adultery are discovered, the evidence collected will be highly supportive to build a successful case.

Family Matters Investigations

When children are involved in matrimonial lawsuits, it is critical to investigate the parent’s ability and suitability to provide child care. Close surveillance is necessary to examine a parent and his/her partner’s daily behaviors, lifestyles and any misconducts that may pose risks to the children. The evidence collected can reveal if children are provided with a safe and healthy environment and further help your client obtain child custody rights.

Asset Search and Investigations

It is common for individuals to hide various types of assets to avoid high divorce settlement or to evade child support obligations. Thus, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive asset search of a client’s partner to locate hidden income and assets. Through extensive research, field investigation, computer forensic, and other strategies, we aim to help your client reveal his/her partner’s dishonesty, reach a fair settlement, gain a higher chance of winning the lawsuit and most importantly, safeguard funds for children involved.


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