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Pre-Employment Screening (PES) & Fraud Investigations

With today’s global economic development and mobile workforce, recruiting a qualified and trustworthy candidate has become more challenging. Make smart hiring decisions through Verity’s pre-employment screening (PES) to verify candidates’ claims and to mitigate potential risks. Further to PES, we are dedicated to help companies prevent and investigate workplace fraud by gathering essential intelligence on internal and external parties. Our professional investigation services will enable you to identify employees’ unethical actions to upload integrity in your company.

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

We verify all candidates’ credentials and background, including CV verifications, unethical business activities, education backgrounds, professional qualification records and more.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations

We specialize in a wide range of internal fraud investigations such as kickbacks, corruptions, information leakage, false documentation, and misappropriation of company assets.

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