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Locating Individuals

Reasons to conduct investigations to locate individuals vary widely. For legal reasons, you may need to locate an individual after he/she skipped on legal or financial obligations, or someone who owes you a large sum of money. For personal reasons, you may need to locate an individual to inform him/her about assets or an inheritance, or to reconnect with a lost relative. Whatever the reason may be, we understand the frustration and helplessness. Our service goes beyond the typical check and uses a combination of tools, techniques and strategies to conduct in-depth search to locate an individual. Our extensive global affiliate network, with a strong Greater China focus, enables us to trace and track a person quickly and discreetly.

Our investigation services include:

  • Comprehensive research including cold calls and field calls along with online data mining to gather information on a subject’s whereabouts.
  • Conduct site visits and surveillance at the individual’s residential and workplace, or any possible places where the individual can be located
  • Locate witnesses discreetly, ethically and quickly 
  • Provide services not limited by geographical restrictions

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