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Counter Surveillance

Do you have someone stalking or harassing you? Are you suspecting your office has been bugged and someone is trying to access your company’s confidential information? Whatever it might be, unauthorized surveillance is a security threat and a serious crime. At Verity, our counter surveillance services help prevent attackers from monitoring your activities, steal confidential information, and ensure your privacy and safety are no longer compromised.

Counter Physical Surveillance

To identify if you or your family are being watched and followed, our highly experienced team will take discreet counter physical surveillance measures. We aim to pinpoint and eliminate any potential threats to you or your family.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Our experienced TSCM team utilizes the most advanced technology to sweep your home, office or vehicle to detect and locate any bugs or devices have been monitoring you or your business. We provide security evaluations and protection procedures to prevent loss of valuable information. Our tactics include: 

  • A 3-step approach: detect, seal, and advice
  • Examine and analyze any premises and detect any hidden suspicious devices, transmitters and spywares or malware
  • Debug and seal the detected areas to ensure no future modifications
  • Provide advice to prevent future problems and implement new plans to increase the overall level of security

If you suspect you are being watched and/or listened to, we recommend contacting us via a public phone or alternate phone externally from your place of business or home.


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